ServiceNow (Silva) Engineer Lead Expert

AXA Group Operations

Main Activities
• Manage the Design activities on BAU and Enhancements along with the dedicated Business Analysts (5 people).
• Identify the opportunity of any new product, add-on services or any other Silva application requirement & share with Product Development team.
• Provide the solution communications (e.g. the monthly release note communication, demo organization).

Silva Adoption
• Support the Silva Framework adoption (Silva Processes, Silva Roles, Organization etc.).
• Promote the adoption of BAU Model post Silva deployment:
• Best practices to raise the Silva Tickets through the Portal.
• Decrease the email communication related to ticket follow-ups (Make use of Channels – Tickets / Community).
• Prepare and steer the Silva Monthly Release Meeting:
• Identify with the Business Analysts the enhancements impacting our customers; explain & detail the rational and impact on users
• Manage the daily and operational activities to ensure the BAU enhancements deliveries (3 to 4 Business Analyst to coordinate).
• Act as a main Solution Design representative into the Silva Leads weekly meeting.
• Support the ALM process adoption & improvement (Demand module).
• Support the AGO Programs & initiatives (MDM, Data Clean Up, ITSM process improvements).

Support Customer Satisfaction
• Build customer confidence on Silva, focusing on customer satisfaction, by ensuring the following:
• The SLAs for Silva Incidents and Silva Requests assigned to the Solution Delivery team are being met.
• The enhancements are delivered on time, ‘Target Delivery’ date is being honored.
• The pain points related to Silva are being addressed.
• Identified training needs related to Silva are being addressed.
• Act as an escalation point for BAU & Enhancement tickets. In case of any escalations, e.g. liaise with Silva Demand Manager & BAU Manager to ensure that the client expectations are well understood and follow up till the delivery is done as per the agreed timeline. Inform the customer on ticket resolution. Attend BAU and ENH meetings with regions (lead by respectively BAU Manager and Demand Manager). Also, engage with rights people / Business Analysts in case of any other escalations.
• Act as a Technical Subject Master, to support developers, business analyst & BAU support teams, before it goes to the Solution Architect.
• Identify bottleneck, impediments, matter for improvement and come up with a proposal on mitigation plan / corrective action.
• Engage with Silva Leads on regular basis, to understand the pain areas & note the open items. Attend to meetings with customers. Meeting frequency & agenda can be dependent on the ticket volume.
• Define the quality parameters associated with client satisfaction.
• Support the Silva Demand Manager & the Silva Customer Success Manager.
• Silva Customer Satisfaction Survey to be sent to OpCo members, Key Users and other Key stakeholders once / twice a year.

Skills and Experience

Functional and Technical Competencies:
• Understand the design guiding principles with proper alignment with AXA Design main guidelines.
• Relevant experience in solution design, managing functional aspects and requirements.
• Ability to understand various functional contexts in the field of IT Service Management.
• Act as a subject matter expert on owned product / process: translate business requirements and conceptual ideas into sketching rationale.
• Expertise required is mix of animation, prototyping, research, visual and interaction sketching into epics, user stories & specifications.

Functional and Technical Background:
• Ability to manage proper alignment with the client.
• Help sketching and deployment of Silva products in a cost-effective way by analysing, defining and documenting the requirements fulfilling business needs (detailed specs).
• Measure the impact of the required functionality on the existing data & processes.
• Manage proper alignment with Development team and testing team.
• Understand and challenge the prototyping & coding (able to provide the code to the dev team and challenge the ones provided).
• Understand functional requirements and propose product features, validate technical specifications, oversee development, validate that the product answers business needs and provide functional support over the solution.
• ITIL & ServiceNow Certifications would be a plus.
• The prerequisite for this position would be below ServiceNow trainings:
• Sys Admin
• Sys Admin Advanced
• Scripting
• Orchestration
• Knowledge of XML, CSV, WSDL, Webservice Rest & Soap, X509, EIP, Hubs.
• Knowledge of Event, Orchestration, Discovery, Service Mapping, AIOps, CSDM, SecOps, GRC, HR Service Delivery, ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, Integrations with third party tools.
• Past experience in development using Script Includes, Business Rules, UI Actions, UI Policies, UI Scripts, UI Macros, Client Scripts, Workflows, Catalog forms, Email Notifications, Import Sets, MID Server, Integrations, Web Services etc.