Jr ServiceNow Developer – US Citizens

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• 3 to 6 years ServiceNow development experience
• Customer-facing technical consulting experience with ServiceNow
• Expertise in various ServiceNow capabilities, including GRC/IRM, Issue Management, Vulnerability Response Management, Security Incident Response (SIR), ITSM, ITAM, ITOM, and ITIL frameworks. Exposure to Advanced Risk Module is added advantage.
• Implement best practices in coding and design as per ServiceNow standards and community guidelines.
• Proficient in reporting and dashboard set up.
• Experience with AWS and ServiceNow integration.
• Experience with Agile development methodology, requirements management and JIRA, or a similar RTM platform and ability to provide time estimation to work components.
• Ability to plan resource requirements from high-level specifications.
• Bachelor’s degree with 3 to 6 years of relevant work history
• Master’s degree with 2 to 4 years of relevant work history
• Strong communication skills and the ability to explain complex concepts in plain language.

• ServiceNow Customization and Development:
• Design, develop, and customize ServiceNow applications, modules, and workflows to meet business requirements.
• Create and maintain ServiceNow forms, fields, UI policies, and business rules.
• Implement client-side and server-side scripting to enhance ServiceNow functionality.
• Automation Framework Development:
• Build and maintain automation frameworks for ServiceNow to streamline repetitive tasks and processes.
• Develop and manage scripts and workflows for task automation and orchestration within the ServiceNow platform.
• Integration and Orchestration:
• Integrate ServiceNow with external systems and tools using REST APIs, web services, and other integration methods.
• Orchestrate and automate cross-platform processes and data exchanges to improve efficiency.
• AWS Integration:
• Develop and implement integration workflows between AWS services and ServiceNow, ensuring seamless communication and data exchange.
• Utilize AWS Lambda, Step Functions, and other serverless technologies to automate processes. Implement mechanisms for data synchronization between AWS resources (such as EC2 instances, S3 buckets, and RDS databases) and the ServiceNow platform.
• Implement security best practices for AWS and ServiceNow integration, including encryption, access controls, and compliance with industry standards.
• Collaborate with the security team to address any vulnerabilities and ensure a secure integration environment.
• Testing Automation:
• Develop automated test scripts and test suites to validate ServiceNow applications and configurations.
• Implement regression testing to ensure the stability of ServiceNow updates and customizations.
• Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD):
• Integrate ServiceNow development and testing into CI/CD pipelines to automate deployment processes.
• Collaborate with DevOps teams to ensure smooth and reliable releases.
• Scripting and Scripted REST APIs:
• Proficiency in scripting languages such as JavaScript to create custom functionality and enhancements.
• Develop scripted REST APIs to extend ServiceNow’s capabilities and facilitate data integration.
• Performance Optimization:
• Identify and address performance bottlenecks in ServiceNow applications through scripting and configuration optimizations.
• Documentation:
• Create and maintain documentation for ServiceNow customizations, automation scripts, and workflows.
• Ensure that automation processes are well-documented for knowledge sharing and future reference.
• Collaboration and Communication:
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including developers, testers, and business stakeholders, to understand requirements and deliver solutions.
• Communicate effectively to gather requirements, provide status updates, and address issues.
• Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution:
• Investigate and troubleshoot issues related to ServiceNow configurations, automation scripts, and integrations.
• Work with teams to resolve incidents promptly.
• Stay Current with ServiceNow Updates:
• Keep up-to-date with ServiceNow platform updates, new features, and best practices to ensure optimal utilization of the platform.
• Security Awareness:
• Adhere to security best practices and policies when developing and implementing automation solutions in ServiceNow.
• Work in a collaborative development environment, providing assistance & technical guidance to team members

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